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Disability Compensation

VA Disability Compensation is a tax free monthly monetary benefit paid to Veterans with disabilities that are the result of a disease or injury incurred or aggravated during active military service.

Individual disabling conditions are “rated” by the VA in 10% increments and can range between 0% (minimally disabled) and 100% (totally disabled).

Compensation may also be paid for disabilities that are considered to be related to a primary disability; these are commonly called “secondary” to disabilities. Another type of disability is called a “presumption,” where the law allows the VA to “presume” that a Veteran was exposed to a chemical or other external element that causes a disability to arise after leaving the military. Presumption examples include Ischemic Heart disease, or Parkinson’s for those exposed to the herbicide called Agent Orange; Irritable Bowel Syndrome is a presumption of service in the Gulf War, and any Veteran diagnosed with Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) is granted disability compensation by virtue of their military service.

Procedural errors or medical malpractice by VA Medical Staff can be claimed as a special kind of disability compensation as well as Veterans who are injured while attending training provided through the Vocational Rehabilitation program.

Three Elements Required To Claim

Include: 1. Current diagnosis. 2. Event/injury in the US Armed Forces. 3. Medical opinion linking #1 & #2.

Ancillary Benefits Set At Rating Levels:

0% Free health care for that condition, Free annual MN Park Pass
10% Free Hearing Aids & Eye Glasses, Free Metro-transit & Light-rail transportation, Free National Park Pass
20% Education for Veteran
30% Additional Compensation paid for spouse and/or children up to age 23, or handicapped children 18+
50% Zero co-payments for all care provided at VA Health Care Centers and Clinics
60% Eligibility to apply for TDIU (Total Disability due to Individual Unemployability)--same benefits as 100%
70% Free nursing home care at VA Contract nursing homes in the community. $150K MN Property Tax Exclusion (see Outdoors page).
100% Free dental care. Free health insurance for spouse/dependents. Military I.D. Cards, Educational benefits for spouse/dependents, Free Lifetime Fishing License, Priority for Bear & Deer hunting Lotteries, $300,000 MN Property Tax Exclusion, and more--see your CVSO for details.

Survivors Benefits for Death Relating to VA Disability.

If the cause, or underlying condition of a Veterans death is that of their VA Disability, the surviving spouse, minor children, and some college aged children may receive compensation, educational, health care and even MN property tax reduction. Even if a Veteran had never been granted disability compensation when living, survivors are encouraged to file a death-related claim; these are called Dependency Indemnity & Compensation or DIC for short.

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