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Dependents Benefits

Just Who Is My Dependent?

You’re a Veteran and many people depend on you for emotional, financial, habitation, safety, and security. As a Veteran, your dependents may not necessarily be your spouse and direct biological children; the term dependent also includes a Veterans parents, adopted and step-children who may be living with you. Often a married couple doesn’t realize that their own spouse is also their dependent. Likewise when a child turns age 18 they are often thought to be “on their own” when in fact they can still be considered your dependent. Even a widowed spouse may be eligible for some VA dependency benefits.

Explore Benefits due to a Veteran and/or their Dependents

  • VA Disability Compensation at 30% or higher pays an additional allowance for your dependents
  • VA Non-Service Connected Pension pays an additional allowance for your dependents
  • If entitled to CHAMPVA Health care dependents can receive treatment at VA Medical Centers
  • If entitled to Chapter 35 (Education), dependents receive VA funds for post-secondary education
  • If entitled to Chapter 35, dependents can receive MN GI BILL funds for post-secondary education
  • Family Caregivers can receive a monthly stipend
  • Spouses of deceased Veterans can receive a VA Home Loan & monetary death benefits
  • Dependents can receive a special Presidential Memorial Certificate upon the Veterans death
  • Spouses and Caregivers (in Minnesota) may be eligible for a Homestead Property Tax Exclusion
  • Dependents (in Minnesota) may receive dental & optical care through the State’s SSAP Program

Contact Your County Veterans Service Officer to find out more and apply for your rightful benefits.

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