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Veterans Pension (Supplemental Income)

Veterans, Surviving Spouses, and Dependents may be eligible to receive a financial assistance stipend because they cannot work due to injury, or are unable to care for themselves.

War-Time Service Required

The Veteran who is either the applicant, or in the case of a surviving spouse or child, must have served at least 90 days in the US Armed Forces and at least 1 day of that service must be within a VA defined period of war. Service in the actual war zone is not required. War-time period are:

  • 7 Dec 1941 - 31 Dec 1946 (World War II)
  • 27 Jun 1950 - 31 Jan 1955 (Korean War)
  • 28 Feb 1961 - 7 May 1975 (Vietnam personnel with in-country service)
  • 5 Aug 1964 - 7 May 1975 (Vietnam Era Service)
  • 2 Aug 1990 - TBD (Gulf War)

Needs Based

The applicant’s monthly income and assets are factors in the payments available. NEW THIS YEAR: VA increased household assets to $123,600 which includes cash, CD’s, IRA’s, second homes, but not a primary residence or personal possessions such as automobiles or household contents.

Special Monthly Pension (SMP)

Applicants who are confined to their homes, a.ka. House-Bound, or who need the daily attendance of others, a.k.a. Aid & Attendance may receive higher rates of the program. Typically persons required to live in Assisted Living settings, or Nursing Homes meet the Aid & Attendance status and can receive as much as $1830 per month for Veterans, and $1130 per month for surviving spouses/dependent children. Helpless children due to mental or physical deficiency of Veterans or Surviving Spouses may also be able to receive a VA Pension even if the parents are deceased.

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